Marie is a beautiful 2 year old AKC Brindle female.  She is sweet and very social with a pretty face and a dainty manner.  Her mother is a cream and so is her daddy.  She recently had her first litter this July 2017.




Stacy is a beautiful perfectly mannered little White & Black Piebald 18 mo female.  She is the daughter of Olivia and is registered APR.  She is the sweetest dog that has worked her way into our hearts….and our Master bed!  A better companion you will not find.  Whenever we have a puppy that is in need of a playmate, we introduce them to Stacy.  She plays with them but is gentle and caring, and makes their transition easier.



Sara is a beautiful Piebald White and Blue/Fawn 18 mo AKC female out of a Blue mother.  She is quiet but very inquisitive and likes to climb!  We recently found her 10 feet up a leaning tree in our backyard…. squealing and crying for help to get down!  She hasn’t climbed that tree again….!




Chanelle is our newest member of the family! She is a red brindle AKC. Her parents are chocolate merle, so we absolutely cannot wait to see her babies!





“Happy Go Louie” is a 2 year old AKC Cream male that is the epitome of a “go along get along” kind of guy.  Smart and playful, Louie is great in the yard with the girls or along for a ride to town in the truck.  We are expecting our first litter from Louie and Marie in July 2017 and we are very excited about the possibilities….!



Madeline is calm, quiet and sweet. She loves to be cuddled and talked to. She’s the smaller of our 2 cream sisters (Lexi). She is registered AKC and has a pure cream pedigree. She currently has one adorable male, Elmo! Check him out on our puppies page.



Lexi is a 1.5 year old frisky cream female. She’s an adventurous and spunky pup. Her pedigree is all cream and she’s AKC registered. She recently had a litter of beautiful reds, fawns, cream, and brindle! See them on our puppies page!




Clausteele’s Chloe is now happily retired. She was the smallest of Izzy’s 9 pups and I fell in love with her instantly. She is sweet, easy going, and just a beautiful frenchie! I don’t think I’ve ever heard her bark… She is APR registered.



OLIVIAOlivia is Chloe and Vinny’s daughter, we fell in love with her and just had to keep her! She has that sweet calm personality from her mother. She is also APR registered, and very petite. She recently had a litter of brindle/white, dark brindle, and pure white! All of her puppies are female, how fun!!




Gamble’s Vincent Van Go Go (Vinnie) is aptly named. He is a bundle of energy and bounce! He is a 5 year old AKC/APR registered piebald male with multiple champions. His grandsire is the great Corleone and he looks just like him. He is a sweet tempered fella but he is always on the go go! Vinnie is now retired but we just had to keep his picture up to show him off!




Hally Very Berry Blue is a very petite,very feisty little blue fawn. She’s a little ball of fire! I can hardly wait to match her with Howie to make beautiful blue puppies!



Howie (Sings the Blues), named by my 2 year old grandson, has the energy and attitude to match said 2 year old. The are best buddies! He is our hope for the future, he carries the rare blue gene and will be married to Halley (Very Berry Blue). Howie is AKC  and has an amazingly blue pedigree.




Rio is a petite and completely adorable little Sable & Tan 2 year old AKC English Bulldog female.  She is out of a Black & Tan father and has a bright disposition and gets along with all people and her Bulldog pals.



RosiePosey (aka “Molly”….my husband says “she looks like a Molly to me”) is a Fawn & White 2 year old AKC female that is the perfect representation of the English breed…with lots of wrinkles surrounding her beautiful smashed face!  She has a sweet disposition and likes to follow closely as I’m doing the chores so she can steal some extra lovin…!


Diva, as you can imagine, was full of personality from a very young age. She is an English Bulldog, AKC registered, and has champion pedigree (She’s also the sister of Maxine). Also bossy and very loyal.has very compact,muscular build.She is a beauty. She is bred to Farley and is due in December! We are very excited to see her new babies.

FarleyFarley is our 18mo Black & Tan AKC English male that has some Blue in his pedigree. He earned his name from the original “Farley”… (Chris) by being a playful, funny and sometimes goofy playboy. Already bigger than all of the girls. Farley is a first time daddy to two litters that will be making an appearance in December! Stay tuned for all those precious babies.



Maxine is large and in charge! She is a beautiful, rowdy girl that loves to run around with her Diva sister. She also has a champion pedigree on both sides and makes a great mama when bred!




Gamble’s My-Emmy is a beautiful AKC brindle and white English female. She has the sweetest face and this prissy attitude. She is a quiet, feminine little thing. She is the smaller type at about 35lbs. She is bred to Farley and expected to deliver in December!





20160205_130950-1 20160205_131313-1Truman (left) and Riley (right) are our house dogs- imagine sharing a bed with them! Truman is very rambunctious and an energetic male with a sweet and loving demeanor. Riley looks tough in this picture, but she’s our little lap dog. Together they make beautiful puppies that will have winning personalities!