“We guarantee that your new puppy will pass a Veterinarians examination for overall health if administered within 3 days of date of delivery (please get a receipt form from your Vet). We guarantee your new puppy to be free of infection for two weeks from date of delivery. We also guarantee your new puppy to be free of any congenital defects for one full year from date of birth.

Any health related issues must be communicated to us within 24 hours of detection by your Vet. If your puppy presents a condition that makes this guarantee necessary, we will replace the puppy with like breed, color & sex within 180 days of notification (shipping charges for replacement puppy are your responsibility). We will require a written statement form your Vet; living puppies must be returned to us before a replacement puppy will be provided. We reserve the right to return your money in lieu of a replacement puppy.

We assume no responsibility for your Vet bills- Free advice is only a phone call away!”

– Clausteele Gamble