About Me

“I am a lifelong dog lover- A dog will always love you, never judge you and always keep your confidence.  They love unconditionally  and live to play and please their owner.  I am a believer… dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend!”

“As a teenager I got to work as a Veterinarian’s intern, and grew up around animals wanting to be a vet.  Ultimately I did choose a field of medicine and earned my degree and my RN (Registered Nurse).  I have worked in nursing with Cox Health Systems now for over 25 years.  I have found my medical experience invaluable in raising and caring for my dogs and their babies.  They are pampered, loved and spoiled to perfection.  They are raised in my home and I stand behind the health and sociability of every puppy we send to a new pet home.”

“I specialize in English and French bulldogs, and offer some of the finest quality puppies at a very competitive price, with a written health guarantee and 20+ years of experience and references.”

Clausteele Gamble – Bluegrass Bulldogs & Chihuahuas